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Our Story

Founded in 2006, Angel is a manufacturer and wholesaler of fine leather pet products, based in Toronto, Canada


Happy Dog

Named after our beloved Chocolate Lab, Angel Pet Supplies began as a result of a long search for a good quality, esthetically appealing yet affordable leather collar and leash. For a greater part of Angel's life, it was difficult finding an affordable yet good quality leather collar .....something that would further enhance her outer beauty. We were looking for something that would encompass the 5 main attributes of our initial and current philosophy: Quality, comfort, durability, fashionable and affordability. Angel deserved to look and feel her best.

It seemed as though everywhere we turned, our choices were either something very plain, lacking the quality we expected or something extremely expensive that in many cases also lacked the quality behind the hefty price tag. After several months of extensive research, design and creation, Angel Pet Supplies began supplying high quality yet affordable leather pet products.  

Angel pet products are extensively available in fine pet shops from coast to coast across North America and the Globe.

Our commitment to providing the best products and customer service go hand- in- hand. Our loyal retailers and consumers have experienced for years that we stand behind the products we manufacture. We never tire in our efforts to keep our customers happy and at the forefront of this ever- growing industry. Our relationship with our customers is based on years of trust, personal attention and committment to quality.  

We Understand That You Have A Choice, And We Thank You For Choosing Angel!


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